Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 22

Meditation and its benefits.


Meditation – Day 22

Body scan, that was the name of my 22nd session of meditation. THe intention was to melt away the tension and become relaxed and calm.

I must say that the calm, gentle and soothing female voice and the soft music did just that.

This was a 14 minutes guided meditation from the app Let’s Meditate. The app is free and has many meditations  for different purposes, different moods and different lengths, ranging from 5 to 42 minutes.

My mind wandered off and I almost fell asleep but I was able to feel the power of the meditation when I became relaxed and calm.

The meditation benefits I have found so far are:

  • The ability to become relaxed and calm more easily;
  • The ability to let go of anxiety with intention;
  • The ability to be persistent and never give up.

Even if these are the only benefits I will ever have from meditating they are enough and have helped me a lot over the past 22 days.

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I now laugh at things I used to get angry at 🙂 It has helped me to take things less seriously and with more patience.

One more day has come and gone, 8 more to go to finish the challenge.

Until tomorrow,


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