Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 24

Meditation and its benefits.


Meditation – Day 24

On Day 14 I tried the app Aware but I didn’t relate with it. Well, today I decided to give it another chance and  found out that there were a lot of things I liked:

  • The bell at the beginning of the session;
  • The counting of the breaths to keep us focused;
  • The stretching of the body at the end.

So, I was pleasantly surprised by my reaction considering the experience I had in the beginning of this challenge.

The app has a lot to offer besides the Foundation Course like the Energizers that you can do anytime want. These are short meditations sessions designed to help us to relax anytime during the day, anytime we need them.

There are also other types of meditations meant for specific times of the day like waking up or going to sleep and they also free.

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They also have several other trainings for different purposes like stress and anxiety as well as motivation and creativity and many others that I believe are free but are only available after finishing the Foundation Course which I haven’t done yet.

I believe I will keep doing this course for the next few days and find out what happens next.

Until tomorrow,


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