Our body’s are 70% water. Don’t let it be thirsty! 6 tips to drink more water.

How to drink more water without realising it.

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Our body’s are 70% water. Don’t let it be thirsty! 6 tips to drink more water.

Are you one of those persons who doesn’t drink water? You know that our body consists of 70% water? Drinking water is extremely important. When you’re thirsty it means your body is already dehydrated.

So, use the following tips to drink more water.

1. Eat soup to drink more water

Soup has plenty of water. When consuming soup you hydrate your body. Not to mention that it’s healthy eating vegetables.

2. Drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach

Drink water first thing in the morning. It helps to cleanse the body and start the day well hydrated.

Create the habit of drinking water in the morning and you’re going to feel better during the day. It will be even better if the water is warm.

3. Take a bottle of water to work

When you take a water bottle with you to work you will think: “I don’t want to carry the water back so it is best to drink it during the day.”

There is also that if you have it on hand it will help you to remember to drink more water. In order to save on expenses don’t buy bottled water, choose to filter tap water when possible. It is also better for the environment.


4. Flavor the water

When you give taste to water it is easier to drink it.

Use strawberries, mint, lemon, orange, cucumber, among others. You will see that the water is tastier and so you drink more water.

6 tips to drink more water

5. Drink tea

When you drink tea you are drinking water. There are teas for every occasion:

6. Use an app

Use an app to help you create the habit.

Apps such as Good Habits (Apple) or HabitBull (Android) are practical and simple tu use.




Do you drink water during the day? Do you use any method so you don’t forget?

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