About Catarina!

Catarina Rebelo

Have you found yourself going through the motions day in and day out and you finally realized that life is passing you by and nothing that really matters to you gets done?

  • What makes you happy?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What makes you get up excited in the morning?


And, when was the last time you felt you were living your dream life? Hmmm, not for a long time, right?

Welcome, my name is Catarina Rebelo!

What can I tell you about me?

I am here to help you achieve your dreams in life while appreciating what you value most.

As a Life Coach I found that my Mission is to help ambitious and motivated women, just like you, get what they want out of life and do it while enjoying the process.

Let me know if this happens to you:

  • You start your day with these big ideas, but suddenly it is almost bedtime and you haven’t even started working on them. You feel tired so you go to bed and promise to start doing them tomorrow;
  • Every day you feel more frustrated with your daily life – wake up, go to work, make dinner, go to bed, take care of your children – every day is the same;
  • You feel you have been born for some special purpose but you don’t know what and you haven’t got the time to find out;
  • You want to exercise or do yoga consistently but you find yourself postponing it for another day, another week or even another month;
  • You want to go out with your friends or your better half but you can never find the time.

I have found that if we want something bad enough and we believe we can achieve it we will, sooner or later.

However, it doesn’t have to be a lonely road.

It is so much better and less stressful if there is someone out there guiding us or making us accountable.

A Life Coach will do just that.

She will be there to guide on your chosen path and help you fly away when you are ready to do so.

What do you want?

Do you want to live (not just survive)?

Do you want to be happy (not just go through the motions)?

Do you want to be healthy (maybe stop eating those sweets-chocolate, ice-cream…)?

Do you want to enjoy life?

Do you want to be in love?


Do you want time?

Time for yourself, to be able to take a day off from work (or the kids)?

Time to do the things that are important to you?

Time and money to help your family and community?

This is where I come in. I will help you:

  • Build your confidence and your self-efficacy
  • Define your goals clearly
  • Stop procrastinating and start taking action
  • Increase productivity without sacrificing what matters most to you in your life
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Gain control over your schedule
  • Learn how to prioritize what really matters and say “NO” to what doesn’t

So, who am I?

I am a mother of two beautiful girls

I am a wife to a wonderful Latino husband (Salsa anyone?)

I am a daughter and grand daughter

I am trying to find balance in life as much as you

I can get anxious occasionally if my schedule becomes too full and I forget to enjoy life and have time for myself

I sometimes forget to have fun and enjoy the little things

I am human, a mom, a friend and almost anyone people need me to be, but first and foremost I am ME!

Someone trying to balance several things like finding a space for her in the business world, the family life and the friendship life while trying to find space for her to meditate, to do yoga, to sleep … to breath.

How can I help you?

I am a Certified Coach but mostly I have lived through the same difficulties you probably are experiencing right now and I have overcome most of them by using tools, strategies and changing my mindset.

I can help you do the same and achieve your most desired goals in life.

I would love to meet you!

Come find me on social media. You can join me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Thanks for coming by and I am looking forward to help you achieve your dreams and goals in life.

Be sure to join my list and I will send you weekly tips on how to stop procrastinating, build your confidence, raise your energy levels and have many more resources delivered to your inbox.

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