“I’m big on manners. I’m big on politeness. I’m big on gratitude” Kate Hudson

How to live a life you are proud of.

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Kate Hudson is a wonderful actor, one that makes us laugh and spend a good moment every time we watch one of her movies.

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She looks sincere, honest and dependable. So I am not surprised that one of her mottos is being polite and grateful. I too believe in the strength of gratitude.

Being grateful makes us happy and helps us see all the good we have in our world. Things like health, family, a home, friends, clothes to wear and so much more. We usually take these things for granted but there are parts of the world where there isn’t much of these things.

So, be grateful for them and give them the value they deserve.

Being grateful and being polite is the least we can do every day so that we feel good within.


I propose you get a journal and start writing daily why do you feel grateful, you may discover things about yourself you didn’t know or expect. Writing down things you are grateful for will open up your heart and soul to so much more.

We usually only value what we don’t have and want to have, and forget about what we already have.

Pretty Happy – Healthy ways to love your body

In Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy – Healthy ways to love your body, she talks about eating well, mindfulness and understanding your body to find your balance.

In a way she shows us the real Kate Hudson behind her movie characters.






Do you write about what you are grateful for?

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