Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 1

Meditation and its benefits.

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Meditation – Day 1

I sat comfortably on my car seat, closed my eyes and tried to relax. I concentrated on my breath and put one hand on top of the other with my palms up because it felt comfortable.

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I left my car windows opened because the car was hot, so I listened to all the sounds around me. There were people and cars passing by and lots of different birds chirping around.

It is amazing of how many sounds there are around us that we usually don’t even notice.

My thoughts kept creeping in. I thought about a beautiful French movie I saw recently, about my blog, my future and a lot of other stuff that came to my mind.

I have to say that my first attempt at meditation only lasted 6 minutes. I looked at my watch and couldn’t go back to the practice. I tried but my mind kept going back to the time on the watch, so I decided to stop for the day.


However, I had a glimpse of meditation’s potential. I find that my mind feels calmer, even with only 6 minutes of meditation.

My mind felt agitated for the past few days and now I feel calmer. Well, a bit calmer 🙂

I can’t wait for my next meditation session tomorrow

I don’t want to have great expectations about meditation because many times I have built great expectations about something and I was disappointed. But, I am happy to give it a shot and see what good it may bring.

Until tomorrow,




PS – I have read a book about meditation that I really liked Biography of Silence:

Biography of Silence

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