Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 12

Meditation, its benefits and so much more!

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Meditation – Day 12


So, today was the last day of 7 Days of Calm from the app Calm. The meditation session was about awareness and how to merge everything I learned throughout the past 6 sessions into a single one.

I am sad to finish this program because I liked it and I think I still need guidance at this point.

So, I have decided to choose another free program to keep going. For now I won’t choose a paid program because I am still finding out what works best for me.

At this point I am thinking:

Catarina, you’re crazy! Why did you challenge yourself to write about meditation for 30 days? It is something you know little about. How on earth are you going to keep it up for another 18 days?”

Well, I don’t know how but I know I am going to do it somehow. That’s why it is a challenge. If it were easy what good would it do?


I want to prove myself I can do it. That I have the will it takes to change my life and this challenge is showing me that I can.

I am a powerful woman, a loving mom and a devoted wife and I want to change my life for the better to have more opportunities, to travel more, to pay my debts and to have financial freedom.

And I know I will meet my dreams!

Until tomorrow,




Do you have dreams? Are willing to work hard for them?

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