Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 14

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Meditation – Day 14

Envisioning! Today I did two different meditations. One, from the app Aware, Day 1 of 21 days of their Foundation Course. The other called Envisioning from the app Let’s Meditate.

On the one from Aware I listened to the male voice but I didn’t relate with it, maybe because there were no surrounding sounds so I decided to try another one.

On Envisioning, from the app Let’s Meditate, the male voice talked about a 6 phase process – connecting, thanking, forgiving, dreaming, visualizing and asking.

Even though I liked it, I think the voice spoke too fast and didn’t allow enough time to experience fully each phase. I felt my mind racing trying to keep up which sort of defeats the purpose of meditation.

Maybe because I am a woman I didn’t relate as well with the male voices as with the female voice from the app Calm.


I don’t really know why but I will give them another chance tomorrow. I remember liking the voice of Andy Puddicombe in Headspace 🙂

On another note I must say I am a little worried about next weekend because I will have to do some travelling. It will be difficult to fit the 10 minutes meditation into my schedule.

But, most importantly it will be a challenge to write these posts. However, I am very committed to them so I know I will find a way.

Starting a new way is never easy so… keep starting until the start sticks.

Tim Fargo

Until tomorrow,





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