Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 16

Meditation and its benefits, starting the final 15 days...

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Meditation – Day 16

Yeahhh! I am halfway through the challenge!

Today is the 16th day of the 30 day challenge I set for myself and I am enjoying the experience very much.

Today I listened to a meditation called Letting Go from the app Let’s Meditate. The soft male voice was beautiful, almost sensuous, guiding me on a quest to accept that we only control our words, thoughts and actions, nothing else.

Today was my first day of beach on the sunny area of Tavira, Algarve. Algarve is a region on the South of Portugal, very warm and beautiful.

Because of yesterday’s travel I felt tired so just before meditation I took a nap and I think I was still groggy when I started my daily practice. I didn’t feel very inspired, maybe because of the change of routine. Having to fit meditation and writing the post into a different setting was difficult.


Nevertheless, I did it because only with hard work and sacrifice can dreams be achieved. They don’t usually fall on our lap. We have to work for them or they will never be anything else than dreams.

So, I will keep doing something everyday that will bring me closer to getting what I want for my life, even if it is a small step, what matters is doing it one day at a time.

Until tomorrow,





Do you feel you are in control of your life?

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