Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 17

Meditation and its benefits, a journey...

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Meditation – Day 17

I failed! That’s right. It’s been 2 days since my last post. But I choose to see it another way. After driving 300 kilometres last Sunday I was so tired I fell asleep with my little daughter so I didn’t meditate.

Yesterday, I did meditate but I didn’t post because I was still tired and needed one more day to rest.

Today is a new day and I am getting back on track. I found out that sometimes we have to give ourselves time and not be so hard on ourselves.

We are only human and there are days we need to stop to rest and accept it.

So, today I listened to Gratitude, a 12 minute guided meditation from the app Let’s Meditate. I still have some difficulty listening to everything, I tend to drift away into my own thoughts but with time I know I will get better.


At least it seems easier to get myself into a quiet place and start my daily practice. It almost seems natural and like something is missing if I don’t do it.

I will do this challenge and hopefully by the end of the 30 days I will do it daily because it helps me concentrate and be less stressed and not because I want to write about it. Although, I think writing about it has led me to do it consistently.

I am enjoying the ride and hopefully you are too. Maybe I can help you find the courage to challenge yourself to do whatever it is you want but never found the time or the heart to do.

Until tomorrow,





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