Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 19

Meditation and its benefits, 19 days and counting...

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Meditation – Day 19

Amazing! That’s how I would describe my meditation session today.

As I intended I chose a longer meditation for today. It has 21 minutes and it’s called Move Past your Pain from the app Let’s Meditate.

This was the first meditation where I was wide awake and following the instructions given by the soft and warm male voice.

I could feel my breath moving through my body, I noticed where I had pains or discomforts on my body and I was able to let go of those pains 🙂

Was it because I have done this for the past 19 days? Or because I related with what was being said? I don’t know but like I said it was amazing and empowering!

For the first time, I felt comfortable meditating sitting down even though when I started I had a back pain. I believe this was the first time I was told to feel the tightness on my body and breathe into it. It really works:)



I think I felt a little of the power of meditation we hear about all the time but never get to experience because we don’t give it enough time to work, we don’t persist with a daily practice.

We are not born knowing, we have to learn and practice what we learn. Nowadays, we want everything quickly and think we can get somewhere without much work, but it doesn’t work that way.

We have to work hard and give value to others before we can succeed.

So, never give up. Only those who persist will fulfill their dreams.

Until tomorrow,





Have you felt the power of meditation?

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