Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 20

Meditation and its benefits, ten days to go...

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Meditation – Day 20

I have reached two-thirds of my challenge. Who knew that a month or 30 days could take so long?

I always feel like the days go by so fast but when it comes to this challenge time seems to stop or go slower.

Today, I almost didn’t meditate. Technically I didn’t because it was past midnight when I finally did it.

But, I just couldn’t let it by. I felt like I was letting myself down if I didn’t do it. I have come so far I can’t and won’t give up.

However, because it was so late I decided to have a short session.


I chose the Five Minute Miracle from the app Let’s Meditate and wasn’t disappointed. Like the name says it takes only 5 minutes but helps us to become aware of the power of our imagination and that anything we dream of can come true.

I believe that, even if sometimes I have to be reminded, I know I will make my dreams come true. I just have to work hard and give it time and someday my hard work will pay off.

You should do the same, believe in yourself and in your dreams. Work hard at making them happen and one day they will.

But, don’t forget to enjoy every moment of every day because today will never happen again.

Until tomorrow,





Do you believe your dreams will come true? Why?

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