Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 23

Meditation and its benefits

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Meditation – Day 23

SyncroDestiny! I like the name of this meditation 🙂 And I liked the session as well. I seem to relate when the relaxation part involves moving parts of the body, it seems to work specially well for me.

When I use breathing it is more difficult to reach the same relaxation.

On this 13 minutes meditation from the app Let’s Meditate we have to envision and plant our desire into the universe. I feel like my deepest desires are just around the corner but I just can’t reach them. Yet!

I know that if I keep on this path I will get there.

Regarding the meditation I have found that at times I prefer to do it lying down. I just have to stay sharp, otherwise I fall asleep 🙂 But, it is more comfortable than sitting down because my back doesn’t hurt and it is easier to relax.


On this session I felt the tension leaving my body while I moved every part bit by bit while breathing at the same time. It felt great. The enviosioning part I think I can improve but I have to go one day at a time.

Have you found a challenge to do yourself? Tell me about it.

I hope to see you tomorrow,


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