Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 29

Meditation and its benefits, one day to go...

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Meditation – Day 29

I fell asleep! And it felt wonderful. Since I meditated in the middle of the afternoon, which is unusual for me, falling asleep isn’t usual as well.

But then, my husband opened the apartment door and I woke up startled. No matter! I liked my session.

I don’t know exactly how but lately I feel more relaxed, more prone to laughter and I am enjoying more my daily life.

I also feel more motivated and sitting down to meditate or to work on the blog is easier than before.

The fact that tomorrow is my last day of this challenge is also wonderful because it means I can concentrate on new ideas I had for the blog.


Don’t get me wrong, I loved this challenge. It certainly challenged me to do more, to be better and to try harder.

At first, I managed to do it as planned but then it became harder and there were times I wanted to quit, to give up. I am glad I didn’t, even if it took me longer to complete the challenge than I anticipated. I had some gaps in between.

However, I am glad I decided to follow through and finish it. This is only the first challenge I intend to do. This time I did it alone but maybe next time you may want to join me in my quest for a better self.

Until tomorrow, my last day…


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