Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 4

Meditation and its benefits, a 30 days journey to find out.

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Meditation – Day 4

Today I meditated 11 minutes! Finally I managed to do it for 10 minutes, or in this case one minute more than on Day 3!

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I woke up very early today and decided to meditate immediately. Why wait?

I was already lying down on my bed, so I put a pillow under my knees to support my lower back and begun concentrating on my breath.

I felt relaxed, after all I had just woken up. Maybe that’s why it seemed so easy to clear my head.

For a moment it was almost like I wasn’t there anymore but I think I didn’t fell asleep. Or maybe I did 🙂


I really liked the feeling. However, I think I may need some guidance so tomorrow I will try doing guided meditation. I have four apps on my Android smart phone. Apps that I have installed but rarely use. They are:

Calm Calm Some features are free but offers in-app purchases
Headspace Headspace Some features are free but offers in-app purchases
Let’s Meditate Let's Meditate All features are free
Aware Aware Some features are free but offers in-app purchases

They are in no particular order. I will use one of them tomorrow in a guided meditation. I can’t wait for Day 5!

The only one I have used so far is Headspace which gives you a 10 day program for free. I have come by it because I read Andy Puddiconbe’s book Get some Headspace and enjoyed it very much. It takes you on a journey of his self discovery in a very funny and lightweight manner.

Get some HeadspaceSo, for now I will wait for my new experience tomorrow.

Until then,




Have you tried using a meditation app before? Did you like it?

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