Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 5

I chose to experience guided meditations.

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Meditation – Day 5

Today I did a guided meditation like I had decided to do on Day 4. I chose the Headspace app to begin with only because I have done their basic meditation before and I liked it very much.


Andy Puddicombe guides us through the sitting position and the relaxation phases and helps us all the way throughout the 10 minutes meditation.

At first it wasn’t easy, my body seemed to hurt, behind my eyes there was an immense tension and my jaw felt stuck.

At first he tells us to breath out through the mouth. I believe that’s to release tension in our jaw more easily. If you usually accumulate tension in that area just try opening your mouth a little.

Have you tried it? Do it now! Don’t wait!

Doesn’t it feel good?

It really works. When we open our mouth slightly it is impossible to stay tensed.


Well, moving on 🙂 What I can say is that after the 10 minute meditation I felt relaxed even though my body ached in some places that aren’t used to being in the sitting position with my back straight.

I think you agree with me that even when we sit at the computer our sitting position isn’t so great.

Maybe my next challenge will be to exercise for 30 days to improve my physical condition. The 40’s are taking a toll on my body 🙂

What else can I say about today’s meditation?

It felt like the 10 minutes flew by and I wished I had kept going for a little while longer.

I can’t wait for my next session.

Until tomorrow,





Are you a tense person? What do you do to relax?

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