Challenge: 30 days of meditation – Day 6

Meditation and its benefits. An experience towards building a habit.

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Meditation – Day 6

Yeahhh! I did it, one more day!

I almost thought I would have to admit that I had failed today. However, as soon as my daughter went to sleep I managed to spend a few minutes alone, just enough to experience another 10 minutes of meditation and to write this post.

Today, I decided to try the app Calm. I will decide which app I will follow after experiencing the four of them (more information on Day 4).

I really, really liked the first session of 7 Days of Calm, a free program the app offers. The female voice was very soothing and the introduction was right on spot. It perfectly describes my busy days, running around trying to do everything and the weekends with so much expectations only to find out it went by just like any other weekend with nothing to show for it 🙁

The voice tells us to concentrate on our breath and not to worry about the thoughts that creep in. She just says to focus on our breath as soon as we notice the distraction. It was much like my experience with the Headspace app and a very interesting one.


Unfortunately, I meditated after eating, again, and that is very uncomfortable. My belly seemed to burn, the food I ate (pizza) was heavy on my stomach.

Tomorrow, I will start my day meditating. I hope that gives me a sense of calm throughout the day and that it becomes easier to meditate.

It is easier to implement a new habit if you do it every day at the same time and in the same conditions, after that we can change things a bit but it becomes a habit so it is normal and easy to do.

Until tomorrow,





Have you tried using a meditation app before? Did you like it?

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