In this recommendations page I tell you about the products and services I love to use. Why do I use them and how to use them to get the most out of them.

Cryptocurrency recommendations

Coinpot (Microwallet)

Connected to this microwallet you can have different faucets, like the ones below. These faucets let you earn cryptocurrency without spending money of your own. I know it’s weird but they let you earn cryptocurrency by selling advertising or using affiliate links to other sites.

  • Moon Bitcoin

Recommendations - Moon Bitcoin

  • Moon Bitcoin Cash

Moon Bitcoin Cash

  • Moon Litecoin

Moon Litecoin

  • Moon Dogecoin

Moon Dogecoin

  • Moon Dash

Moon Dash

The faucets above let you collect Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash every 5 minutes. However, you can collect only once per day if you wish. They give you extra bonuses for several reasons, one of them by collecting once a day.

However, I find it better when I collect several times a day, at least 6 times. Once in the morning and other at night as well as other times during the day.

You just start by signing up to Coinpot and then use the same email to sign in to the faucets.

Connected to Coinpot microwallet you can also have:

  • Bit Fun – BitcoinBit Fun
  • Bonus Bitcoin – Bitcoin

Bonus BitcoinYou just sign in with the email you used with Coinpot and set a password and every time you collect it goes to Coinpot.

With Bitfun you have to wait 3 minutes until you can collect and with Bonus Bitcoin you can collect every 15 minutes.


Each time you collect from any of these faucets you get 3 Coinpot tokens which you can convert to one of the cryptocurrencies mentioned. Each of these sites use reCaptcha or SolveMedia, mostly reCaptcha and that can be very anoying because sometimes it doesn’t work properly and you have to do it again. But you are getting free cryptocurrency and that is money 🙂

Faucet Hub (Microwallet)

Faucet Hub works like CoinPot but with a lot more choices. You have to set up the wallet addresses for the cryptocoins you wish to use. Those wallets can be set in Coinbase, Coinpayments and other wallets available online.

  • Daily Free Bits – Bitcoin



  • DigiTask – Dogecoin



With Daily Free Bits you can collect every hour and when you have 100 satoshis you can send them to your Faucet Hub account. With Digitask you can keep collecting Dogecoin after refreshing the page and the cryptocurrency goes instantly to your Faucet Hub account.


There are other sites


Free Bitcoin

Free Dogecoin




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