Save for 30 days and reach your goals – Day 2

Want to travel, save for a rainy day, buy a house or pay your mortgage? Find out how you can save money!

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Save for 30 days and reach your goals – day 2!

Welcome to the second day of the challenge.


Why decision? Because everything that is worthwhile begins with a decision. To make your brain aware of your decision try saying out loud:


For the next 30 days I will do my very best to save money!


By taking this decision and saying out loud you will make it real. But since we tend to forget them very quickly write it down on several pieces of paper and put them everywhere:

  • In your bathroom mirror
  • In your computer screen
  • The refrigerator door
  • Everywhere

Leave them there during the 30 days of the challenge and you will see that your decision to act becomes na habit and it will be easier to do.


Put a reminder on your smart phone, use apps like Good Habits (Apple) or HabitBull (Android) to help you. If you do it every day their statistics will help feel good about it.

After all no one likes to see themselves fail. Right?


So, if the decision you made is really important to you  I have no doubt you will want to do it all the way.

Like I said on Day 1, this is a journey and you have to do it at your own pace, but don’t forget about it. It may be the changing point of your life.




Have you made the decision to save money?

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