Save for 30 days and reach your goals – Day 3

Save for a rainy day, buy a house or pay your mortgage? Find out how you can save money!

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Save for 30 days and reach your goals – day 3!


Today we are going to talk about your WHY. You have to have a big enough WHY if you want to meet your goals, including your goal to save Money.

This is probably more important than deciding to do it, because you will have to be strong enough to make the journey and see it through til the end. If you don’t know WHY you’re doing it you won’t get there.


So, WHY do you want to save?


There are many reasons people want to save Money:

    • To travel
    • Save for a rainy day
    • Buy a house or pay your mortgage?
    • Save for the kids college
    • Start a business
    • Pay debts
    • Leave your 9 to 5 job
    • Have na emergency fund
    • Buy a car
    • Buy a house
    • And many more…

The list never ends, but you have to find out your WHY, not someone else’s.


When you decide on your WHY write it down on the paper below the decision you made on Day 2.

If possible get a picture/drawing/image of your goal and put it there as well. If you want to travel put am image of the place you to visit. Maybe you want a car, put na image of the car right there for you to see every day. Whatever it may be, find a way to put na image of it in front of you every day, and several times a day.

You will find out that it makes it easier to stand your ground and keep saving as the days go by.

If you don’t set up a WHY you won’t be able to save for a day, let alone 30 days straight.

Follow these steps I am giving you and you will see that although it may be difficult the first few days, it will get easier as time goes by.

Take 10 minutes to think about it and do it right NOW. Don’t waste any time. Just do it.

Have a nice journey!




Have your set up your WHY?

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