Save money without leaving home: 7 tips to save money on electricity!

How you can save money on electricity by changing habits!

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Save money without leaving home: 7 tips to save money on electricity!

As with the water it is possible to save money on electricity. Small actions we take on a daily basis allow us to save money on electricity every month. See how much you spend each month by using a home budget.

The amount spent on electricity is usually quite high, mainly because the cost of electricity has risen in recent years.

So, by changing some habits it is possible to save money on electricity.

1. Replace the bulbs with LED ones

LED bulbs typically spend less than 10 Watts which is a lot less than the bulbs we used to have at home.

So, check out the price of LED light bulbs and make sure it is worth buying them right away since they are usually more expensive than the others.

You can start a plan to replace your bulbs starting with those of higher consumption. Don’t forget to plan the cost ahead by entering it in you family budget.

Save money on electricity!

2. Use extensions with an off switch

Whenever possible use extensions with an off switch. These allow you to turn on/off the appliances that connect to that extension.

In places such as the living room or rooms with televisions on them, there is usually a series of small equipment that consume electricity 24/7.

Don’t forget to put on a different extension the equipment you don’t want to switch off like the landline or internet.

3. Turn off the lights every time you step out of a room

Sometimes we walk from one room to another at home and let the lights on.

You don’t shut them down because you believe you go back right away. However, after 10 minutes they are still on and no-one is there.

It is best to turn on/off the lights as we need them. How many times have you noticed lights on that you had completely forgotten because you had intended to go right back to that room and, after half an hour, you still didn’t go back?


4. Optimize the use of the oven

Lately I find myself using the oven for baking, doing snacks, side dishes, and so on.

However, the oven can consume between 2100 and 3650 Watts. The time it takes to heat is about 20 minutes and then it could take half an hour to 1 hour to cook up the food.

If I use it 3 times a week, that which can mean I a use of the oven around 4 hours a week.

When planning meals for the week I can decide when to use the oven to do everything at once, you save at the heating time of the oven. If it is possible bake several things simultaneously. It helps you save time and money. I’d say save about to 2:00/week, that is, half the time of use of the oven, as well as the time that  you spend during the week to prepare some meals.

Save money on electricity!

5. Reduce the use of electric heating equipment

These types of equipment have very high levels of electric consumption.

Use them only when you’re in the room because heat rises and dissipates making it difficult to heat the place before or keep you warm.

6. Buy a water kettle

Here at home we love the kettle to heat water, but every time I turn it on I spend between 1000 to 2400 Watts.

So, ideally, only heat the water you really need. Filling up the kettle will only lead to waste of water and a higher power consumption, unless you use that water.


7. Efficiently use the iron to save money on electricity

The use of this appliance can be done in the same way as the oven, so try to use it just once a week.

The cost of using an iron can vary between 1200 and 3000 Watts, with and without boiler, most of them spending around 2400 Watts.

I hope this post was useful,




Do you know any other ways to save money on electricity?

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