Save money without leaving home: 10 tips to save money on your water bill!

How you can save money on your water bill with everyday actions!

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Save money without leaving home: 10 tips to save money on your water bill!

Saving money at home is always one of the places where you can start when the goal is to cut expenses.

The amount spent on fixed costs is always one of the biggest concerns, be it water, electricity, gas or telecommunications, when all added up the cost will be high.

So, if we just  save 20 €/monthly we save 240 €/yearly, which is significant. This amount can be used in some other way like to do a weekend away, to pay off debt or to begin building an emergency fund.

When it comes to water consumption saving it is even more important because this is a precious commodity.

We all learned in school that only 3% of the water on the planet is fresh water and only 1% is available in rivers, lakes and underground sources.

So, don’t you think that saving water is worth it? Not only to save money but to help the planet as well.

Save money on your water bill!

1. Use the washing machines at their largest capacity

When filling up the washing and laundry machines take advantage of their full capacity and use them less often.

2. Use a bowl when washing dishes by hand

When you wash the dishes by hand the usual way is to leave water running, so if you use a bowl/basin for washing the dishes it uses a lot less water.

3. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth or use a glass

Also, when we brush our teeth we tend to leave the water running. If you close the tap between brushes or, better still, use a glass, you will use less water.

4. Collect the cold water coming out of the shower

When taking a bath/shower, collect the cold water coming out in the beginning with the help of a bucket.

Use it to water the plants, put in the toilet, give water to pets (my cat loves to drink water directly from the bucket 🙂 ).

5. Use a low-flow shower head

There are shower heads on the market that range from 6l/min 25l/min of water, choose one with lower water flow and save water.

With the help of a bucket find out how much water flows per minute from your shower head and see if you should change it.

6. Take shorter showers

Check how long you take to shower and try to cut a few minutes, depending on the water flow from your shower head it will save a few liters and some euros as well :).

7. Turn off the water while soaping

In winter I have some difficulty doing this, but if you close the shower while soaping you will save a lot of water.

8. Don’t take baths

I know a bath now and then feels great, although I don’t remember the last time I took one, but each of these baths may lead to a waste of 200 liters of water at once.


9. Reduce the flow rate of the toilet

With the help of a 1,5 liter water bottle filled up you can cut water consumption when you flush.

Simply open the lid of the toilet and put it inside when it is filling.

10. Finally, you can save money with rainwater

To those that can do this it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to save water. You can use the water in the toilet, to water the garden, the plants indoors or to wash your car, and so on.

Attention, do not drink it or use it in your meals since this water is not clean.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

Thomas Fuller




Do you know of more ways to save money by saving water?

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