Have you ever asked yourself: Why do I struggle with productivity?

What makes you be more productive? What drives you?

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Have you ever asked yourself: Why do I struggle with productivity?

Why do I struggle with productivity? That is a question I ask myself many times. And the answer isn’t easy. Sometimes I am so tired I can’t even think straight, let alone work on my goals and produce more.

All of us wish to be more productive. Maybe not always, but there are times in our lives when we want to do more and we don’t seem to be able to produce as much as we want to.


What I have come to understand is that if we don’t know ourselves well enough, if we don’t know what we are capable off, we will never be as productive as we can be.

You have to believe in yourself!

What do you know about yourself?

Write down your capabilities. Maybe you:

  • Know other languages?
  • Paint or draw?
  • Like photography?
  • Sing?
  • Many more…

There are endless possibilities. Each one of us is different and full of abilities we don’t know because we don’t explore them.

Take 10 minutes to think about your potential, your abilities, and most importantly write them down.

Do it now, don’t waste any more time thinking about it. Don’t find excuses not to do it, just do it.


After doing that, think about what you like to do the most. Choose from your list 3 or 4 abilities. Think about them and how you can put them to use. When people do stuff they like they tend to be more productive.

Knowing yourself will make you more productive as well because you will have more confidence. You will also be more open to try something different.

When we like what we do we find a way to do it more often. It may not be immediately, but in the long run if you keep doing what you like you will find a way to produce more and get results faster.

Because, in the end that’s what we want: Results.



Maybe you want to change jobs, earn more Money or just take care of your home and kids and cook dinner more often. What you seek are Results.

So, when you worry about not being productive bear in mind the Result you are trying to get and what you need to do to achieve it.

I am sure you will find a way.




Do you struggle with productivity?

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