Telemarketing: don’t get caught in their tricks!

HAs anyone ever tried to sell you something over the phone? Probably.

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Telemarketing: don’t get caught in their tricks!

Have you noticed that when we get a telemarketing call where someone tries to sell us a product, most of us gets flustered and uncomfortable? Right then it’s easy to fall into the tricky ways of the telemarketers.

I know they are only doing their job, but it is us who have to pay the bill later.

Telemarketing conversation

They often call us with the following conversation:

  • Credit card example

“We will transfer to your account the following amount and you will pay 100€ for 12 months at a rate of 22% per year ….”

  • Example of telecommunications

“You are going to get 200 MB of internet speed in your home, and another sim card with 6 GB, …”

You know what I mean?

The words they use are almost as if we already agreed to what they propose. Unfortunately, this technique works with a lot of people.

Telecommunication companies do this to make sure that the client stays with their company for another one year or two years contract. In the case of credit card companies you will have to pay a monthly fee with interest for money that you probably didn’t need and you will increase your debt.


What should you do?

So, when you get this kind of call, do the following:

  • Do you have time to listen to the offer and think about it? If you don’t, ask them to call another time;
  • Do you really need money? Don’t forget that you have to pay the interest. If you don’t need it, just say you’re not interested. If you do think about the proposal or ask if they could call you another time so you can think it through;
  • Do you really need 200 MB of internet speed at your home? Probably not.

Note that the proposal is not always bad, but you might want to check it out carefully.

So, when you receive a telemarketing call analyze the proposal carefully and think: Do I really need this?




Did this ever happened to you?

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