“The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example” Drew Barrymore

A wonderful quote by Drew Barrymore.

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I love this quote because I feel exactly the same way as Drew Barrymore.

As a parent of a soon to be 6-year-old girl I can see it clearly when I set a bad example for her because it reflects in her actions.

I am always attentive (or try to be) to these because most of the time they show something bad in me or my husband. I try very hard to improve myself so that I can set a better example.

The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example

Drew Barrymore

Sometimes, these bad behaviours are not easy to spot because they are ingrained in our character.

Other times, we recognise them immediately and they can be a positive or a negative behaviour. If it is a positive behaviour I love to recognise it, after all she is my child, it is only normal that I love to see myself in her. If it is a negative behaviour I try not to repeat it in the future.


If I find myself doing it again I try and try again until I stop doing it once and for all. We all know that a habit is hard to break and the best way to do it is to change it for another (hopefully a good) habit. So, it may take a while but eventual I get it right.

Never give up on showing your kids good examples.

They will become better adults.




Meanwhile, have you ever watched Drew Barrymore playing mom falling in love in this funny movie with Adam Sandler?

In the movie Blended they are really funny and you can watch it with the kids to relax and laugh.







Have you noticed when your kids behave just like you?

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